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A French lightening technique where the hair is painted in a swept motion. This application will have an effortless sun-kissed appearance while it maintains a softer grow out. Each Balayage is customized to the preference of the client and the end result. Includes gloss and blowdry.

  • Full Balayage: $395+

  • Partial Balayage: $295+

  • Face frame/ Halo: $225+


Hair coloring techniques that use a combination of foils and/or balayage in order to create a high impact lightening result. This is a perfect option for lived-in blondes and brunettes. Includes root shadow, gloss, and blow-dry. Consultation recommended. 

  • Full blonding: $400+

  • Partial blonding: $325+

  • Touch up or maintenance: $250+


Whether you’re seeking those old school- traditional foils to touch up blonde or grey blending, this is an option to create vibrant long-lasting color. (Note: for clients who touch-up every 4 to 8 weeks.) Includes single gloss and blow-dry.

  • Full highlight: $245+ 

  • Partial highlight $185+ 

  • Face frame/ mini $155+


Ideal for grey coverage, base shifting, or color enhancement. Add blow-dry: $45, below shoulder $65.

  • Base Color: $120 

  • Add Gloss +$30

  • All Over Color: $200+


  • Color Tone Maintenance: $130-$150

i.e. color melt

  • Glaze: $75

  • Tip Outs: $50+

  • Treatments: $25

  • Olaplex addition to color: $25

Fusion bond, beaded, and hand-tied weft methods of application. 

  • Sewn-in Hand-tied: $150 per row

  • Keratin Tips: Starting at $120 per bundle

  • Keratin Removal: Starting at $100/hr

  • I-Tips: Starting at $120 per bundle

  • I-Tip Move Up: $100/hr

  • I-Tips Removal: Starting at $100/hr

  • Extension shaping and cutting finish: $80

*I.B.E. Certified Stylist.

*Consultation is required for the total price. Each client will vary in desired results, length and density. 

*Price of hair not included in application prices. 

Women: $100+

Men: $75+

*All prices are subject to change on duration of service, hair density, length, and end result.

Make-up application for a natural or dramatic finish.

  • Full face application: $85

  • Full face with lashes: $95 

Man Fashion Portrait

Global Balayage


French Balayage

Lived-In dark brunette

babylights _edited.jpg

Balayage and Babylights

Services: Services
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