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Sol & Luna practices salon sustainability

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Everyone has their own personal journey of how they've become close to nature. For me, it's when I first touch the water when paddling out for a surf. It sounds silly, but I cannot catch a wave without fully getting immersed in the water even when it's frigid. Surfing has given a connection to the environment that has not only changed my life, but my outlook on the effects of human impact. I used to dream about surf destinations that I'd see in amazing pictures in old magazines only to arrive and see picturesque coastlines littered in waste.

Keramas, Bali 2017 (A. Clemett)

Many beaches usually consisted of a mixture of single use products and yes, beauty waste was included. As much I became aware of the problem, I tried to implement small changes such as eliminating single use bottles and picking trash up after every surf. But I felt like my efforts were never enough, especially in my business. I started to pay attention to the amount of waste that was generated by me, a single stylist, and I was overwhelmed. It was even more surprising to read that the beauty industry creates 877 pounds of waste every singe minute. How could I find a way to really back give to the ocean and do hair at the same time?

A few years ago I heard that stylists could contribute hair clippings to create spongelike buoys that absorb harmful chemicals in oil spills. After much research in salon sustainability, I found out about Green Circle Salons and realized that it was a possibility for my salon. I was captivated by their mission to recover and recycle beauty waste, which includes hair clippings (extension hair included), excess hair color, metals, single-use items, plastics, and cardboard. This process also incorporates single-use face masks, now all PPE products will be re-purposed into renewable energy.

In partnering with Green Circle Salons, I'm getting better at practicing salon sustainability. Creating an environmentally sustainable salon entails a monetary commitment and boxing up of all items to be recycled on a regular basis. I am committed to this effort in order to play a small, but integral part in avoiding further damage to the environment. I do see some challenging moments ahead, but I'm ready to adapt to the changes, learn and hopefully be able to translate this new way of thinking into my everyday home life. I'll keep everyone updated in what I discover through this process.

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