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The Great Lengths Golden Ticket

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Most clients have heard me rave about Great Lengths for the past year. What actually is GL? Is it a course, service, or product? Yes, all of the above; the company is an Italian hair distributor with its signature application method.

This fall, I took the plunge and received certification with Great Lengths from several talented extension artists.

Not only did I perfect my techniques, but I also aligned my business with a premium hair extension company. The hair is double-drawn, which means it has an equal density from roots to ends and is extremely lustrous to the eye and touch.

Although I have seven years of experience in keratin-bonded extensions, receiving my official certification as an extension artist was gratifying. My first exposure to Great Lengths was over ten years ago when I assisted a salon owner in Laguna Beach. A few stylists described the technicality of the method and how flawless the application appeared afterward.

Not to mention, Great Lengths extensions are a top pick for celebrities like Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne, and Hillary Duff, who often get their strands from Nine Zero One salon owners in LA.

Over the years, I have trained with other brands, but the Great Lengths method was the pinnacle of keratin bonds. After the training and receiving high-quality application tools, it was well worth my time and investment.

While my initial draw to the company for its precision application and hair quality, I was elated to find out their sustainable efforts aligned with my business model.

The Italian-based brand ethically sources its hair from India and is globally recognized as a B corporation, the first company in the hair extensions industry.

Since I've completed the course, I have noticed an improvement in my application. The Keratin bond has zero tension or pulling in any weird directions, which sets up for a healthy growout. I am also customizing every bond and strand of hair to match the density of the hair I'm attaching it to, ensuring no strain on the current hair.

Every month, you can find me tuning into advanced Great Length education online from hair artists nationwide. It's a great way to connect with other extension specialists and stay updated on techniques, color ideas and trends.


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