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The Scoop on Hair Extensions: A mini-guide to individual keratin tips

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Have you ever scrolled through your social media feed and suddenly became captivated by a random hair extension installation? Instagram reels and TikTok bits are satisfying to watch and an excellent way for clients to familiarize themselves with what is happening underneath those voluminous manes.

When deciding which hair extension method is best, I recommend an in-person consultation with a well-researched hair extension specialist to discuss your hair goals. At Sol & Luna, I stock samples of hair extensions to show the application variances for clients' texture and density. From there, my client and I will decide which technique best aligns with their hair, budget and lifestyle.

When adding hair extensions, it is essential to mirror the application with the client's current density. I may recommend a type of weft extension if a client has medium to thick hair and wants to add volume with a reusable method. Other times, I recommend individual keratin tips for a lightweight, undetectable appearance for clients with fine hair.

Keratin Individual Extensions

It is a common misconception that hair extensions are just for lengthening. However, they also can add volume or density in specific areas, which is the best introduction to more locks. Hair extensions can act as a chemical-free color enhancement for highlights and lowlights. If you're growing out your hair, extensions can also hold you over until you reach your desired length.

Clients with busy lifestyles often choose individual extensions as one of the most versatile methods since they do not need salon maintenance for up to 3 months (just home maintenance; see below.) This bond method uses heat to mold the keratin resin tip around the circumference of loose hair. Although the hair is not reusable after use, it is recycled and downsized through our Green Circle Partnership.

Individual keratin hair extensions are customizable to the client's hair density and texture, hence why they look the most natural and are entirely moveable 360 degrees for styling. This method is best suited while traveling and will not slip during workouts.

The client in the image had previously worn her hair relatively shorter before working with me about four years ago. We have been doing a full head of mini keratin individuals for a few years and change them out every 10 to 12 weeks. Her natural hair has grown out to a very healthy state since we only highlight it during maintenance appointments, and the extensions add pops of brightness. The appointment time is under five hours for full-dimensional color and the 22" length extension application.

Like many of my extension clients, this client works harmoniously with me to achieve her dream hair by doing her maintenance at home. Clients must brush their extensions two to three times daily, never sleep with wet hair, use extension-friendly products and go to the salon for timely maintenance.

You can indulge in luscious locks once you decide on your extension method. After your first round of extensions, it's important to communicate feedback after wear so your stylist can make any adjustments to their next install.

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